The Church of Santa Ana, located in the heart of Triana, is the first church built in Seville after the reconquest of the city. Alfonso X “el Sabio”, son of King Ferdinand III, conqueror of Seville, was a scholar. He would spend his nights reading, in the dark by candlelight, and he feared he was going blind. Legend says that, to save his eyes, he asked for help to Santa Ana. As he was succesful, he built this Church dedicated to her. It was built in the 13th century, the first ex-novo Church: new, since all the churches built at that time were built over previous religious temples. It is shaped like a fortress, in order to avoid the frequent flooding of the Guadalquivir river.

It was built following an austere Cistercian style, which a fortress-like appearance, today softened by the “albero” colors, the ceramics and the Baroque bell tower. This fortress appearance reveal the climate of insecurity that existed after the reconquest in the city.

In front of the church was located the School of “Mareantes”, which was created in the 16th century. Geography, mathematics and astronomy classes were taught in it, in order for simple river fishermen to became patrons of caravels crossing the ocean.